Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OWH MWT: Teal/Turquoise

Turquoise/teal is one of my fave colors right now as it pairs well with so many other colors.  I decided to pull 2 cards from my OWH box to share.  Both cards use computer generated sentiments and were made in an effort to reduce my scrap pile. 


  1. Great job on both cards! Love your color choices and the embellishments on both cards as well as the sentiments you've created on the computer.

    I've been inspired by your efforts to reduce your scrap pile, and I have to say I've immensely enjoyed making some cards by "going with the flow" of my pile of scraps.

  2. These are both great cards, and I'm especially fond of the Mother's card with those teal banners! Well done on using the scraps! I just made 19 cards using scraps yesterday too......but my scrap pile doesn't appear to be any smaller?! lol