Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cubs Pallet Flag

A quick post because I wanted to share this a project that was finished earlier this year.  My DH put the boards together last year and I painted the blue square and red stripes shortly after.  Then I STOPPED (because I could not decide what to do with the blue star, nine stars, decisions decisions) and stored it behind my chair.

Then inspiration struck me while on Pinterest (of course) and I was able to finish this beauty.  The white circle was bought at Michael's (unpainted) and the UBS was bought at Hobby Lobby...I think.  I cut the blue circle and the C out of plywood with a little help from my baby brother.  They aren't perfect but with the help of sandpaper it turned out pretty darn good.

I am so glad I waited to finish this project until it all came together.  My nephew is a proud Cubs fan in a family of loyal Cardinals, so he was the the lucky recipient!


  1. What an awesome project this is! I love the Cubs logo in the flag field - cool idea!

  2. Your nephew is a lucky guy. I think it looks fabulous. Great project and a lot to be proud of. Enjoy the week.