Thursday, March 31, 2011

OWH-MWT K-9 Challenge

I almost missed the challenge with being so busy at work and a lot of stuff on my mind. I love dogs, even though I only own one and she is a sweetie. Sorry, I could not resist sharing a picture with you. Shivers is a vizsla, a breed that almost died out until WWII; soldiers fell in love with their sweet nature and brought them to the US.

The first card is one I had already made for OWH but had not shared. That first Saturday Seminar gave me some great ideas for how to make small stickers work. They are great for kids cards.

The second card I made specifically for this challenge. It is pretty simple, not alot of layers. The paper was already "quilted"; part of "Just Chillin" by Making Memories. Got really lucky and scored 2 of these packs of 36 designer papers for just a dollar. I do not usually put the sentiment in the upper right corner, but it the dog points that way so it works that way. Great to break out once in a while!


  1. great job on the cards! i love the patchwork and stitching design on the 2nd card!

  2. Happiness is a warm puppy, I agree :) Your cards are wonderful, I'm so glad you're enjoying the Saturday Seminars, they're neat!

    I'm so glad you shared a photo of Shivers with us, she is cute! Thanks for playing in our challenge at Operation Write Home!

  3. Terrific K-9 card. It looks like you pieced your background together and I just love the combination of paper and patterns. It's just perfect for the image. Great job!

  4. Love the Blues Clues stickers! They really add that extra bit of fun into a kids card! Love the patterned paper on your second card..what a steal!

  5. awww.. I really like these. Great K-9 cards.

    thanks for sharing ~ Pam