Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OWH Scraps and MWT

Hello! Well this is my first post using the new blogger.  My browser is no longer supported by Blogger so it is kinda interesting. 

The first three cards are scrap cards even though I have not wrangled a single piece of scrap yet.  The first two were posted as examples on the OWH blog and the third is my own take on using scraps.  Scrap cards always look better matted.   I do have at least 4 separate unsorted piles of scrap.  The 4th card is for the Mid Week Throwdown:  Summer...but it is also a scrap card. 

The 5th is also a scrap card (with the flowered paper), and using a cheap foam stamp. Yes I can hear the gasps of horror...but she was just too darn cute to resist and at 69 cents she was a great price. I stamped her and then outlined the stamp to add definition...colored in her feet...and added the googly eyes (my first time using).  This may not end up going to OWH because I do have a pig fanatic in my family.


  1. Wow, that pig card is adorable! You picked great paper and I think it's fabulous. No one has to know the stamp was inexpensive! Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL, love the pig card, What a perfect choice for a background pattern! The "Hi" card is great too. really smart to use the same pattern on both sides of the striped one. It really hold it all together and you'd have no idea these were scraps.

  3. I'd have no idea those were scraps or that the stamp was so inexpensive! They're all great, but the pig is darling!! And it made me LOL.

    Once, when I was driving in a VW bug with three girlfriends from the country into town to school on a dark winter morning at 5:30, a huge hog, which seemed nearly as big as the car, came charging us and dented in the driver's door.

    Naturally, we screamed like girls.

    Then he backed up to charge again. We were waiting at a red light, when I realized we were the only ones out on the street at that time in the morning, so we ran the light, escaping further hog damage. I've never felt guilty about eating pork after that experience! lol

  4. Your pig is darling. Loved JoAnn's story about the charging pig. I used to have pigs when I lived on a ranch. They were always escaping their pen and running to the neighbor's house to eat his horses grain! I don't feel guilty about eating pork either!

  5. Terrific cards! Thanks for playing in our Midweek Throwdown Challenge at Operation Write Home Stars & Stamps!

  6. Awesome cards! Love the hi card ss well as the googly eyed piggy.

  7. Great cards, my favs are the last two - you've been a busy card maker :)

    Thanks for playing in our Midweek Throwdown challenge at Operation Write Home Stars & Stamps!