Thursday, August 9, 2012

OWH Tutorial: Tea Staining

Tea dyed fabric is not new to me, but the idea of tea staining paper is a new and intriguing so I decided to try it.  I was lucky enough to have some round tea bags in my stash that were very easy to work with.  I found that less water was better and created a "marbled" background by using an up and down motion.  One of my favorite teas (which I am currently out of) is Passion and has a great rose tint that would be perfect to use for this technique.  The paper did curl so I took an iron to the backside...I was thinking a watercolor paper might work a little better.  Overall I really like the effect!!!

I was in need of a sympathy card for my DH to take to work for the group to sign for a co-worker who lost their parent.  This is my new stamp that I had recently purchased for sympathy cards, because I can see the need.  I love the quote as well as the font mix.

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  1. This turned out really pretty. The stain makes the thing so soft and inviting, just what one needs in a sympathy card. I can't tell that it was warped at all - at least not on the pc screen. Thanks for haring!