Monday, April 8, 2013

OWH March Bootcamp

This month's theme is the rule of thirds or "finding a sweet spot".  This card was made from a kit from Ann Merkins in the Scrap to Treasure Masculine Swap hosted by Julie...thanks Ann & Julie!   Honestly, I would not have picked out the black embossed paper for a guy card, but the retro car image totally makes it work.  Red cardstock to pop the sentiment because I have a hard time making black & white cards with "no color".  That is what I love about the swaps...I am challenged to work outside my comfort zone!

1 comment:

  1. I think that embossed paper is perfect for a masculine card Linda. Very classy look and the little accent of red is a nice touch too. I like the car image too. Making it big doesn't really allow placement in a sweet spot but I tend to use larger images on my guy cards too since I almost always get stuck when it comes to embellishments. LOL, there is a fine line between 'enough and too much' when it comes to guy cards. This turned out very nice. :)