Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Welcome back...

The first card is a picture of our dog Shivers who is no longer with us...she was a keeper for sure and we miss her every day.  It was bittersweet to make a funny card from one of her photos(she was very photogenic and easy going). 

The image on the second card is by Fancy Pants (one of those journaling cards that I am very addicted to purchasing).  The rest of the papers are scraps.
Challenge # 7: Summer

I have to say that the IKEA effect hit me hard with the last card. This basketball stamp was given to me by a friend. I set up the little "scene" and thought it would make a great riddle card. I thought about it and had a little brain block so I googled the answer to the question I made up...I never did see an answer but one did pop in my head. Duh! "Let's bounce! I put the answer on the top of the inside so there would be room to write. I definitely want to make more riddle cards...good for young ones don't you think?

Challenge #8: Googly eyes
Thanks to all for a great was fantabulous!


  1. Great cards, Linda! Love the colors you used in your photo card and what a sweet picture of your dog. Thanks for playing along in my OWH VCMP challenge!

  2. ohhh- your dog is adorable- I am sorry he is no longer with you!He looks like quite the smart dog! And I think riddles are great for the kiddos-- I like them too! Your googlie eyes are so much fun! And thanks for the tip on flickr- I do have an account- so I am not sure what the issue is... I keep trying. Maybe I will try to set up a new account!