Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Boot Camp: Focal Point

I decided to take a different approach to this month's Boot Camp topic: Focal Point.  I decided to pull out two scrap cards I had made using Dixie's Triple Time matting.  The top card has a much stronger focal point (sentiment) than the second...but I want to hear what Paula has to say.  


  1. Oh, these are lovely! Your triple time matting looks terrific.

  2. Linda, I agree with you that the first card has a much stronger focal point than the second. Using a lighter stock to give it even more contrast (maybe a shade of ivory like the ribbon) as the base for the sentiment would show off the detail even more, but there is no mistaking what your eye sees first. I really like how you 'popped' the inner circle of it.

    As far as the second cards is concerned Sandy's Rocket Ship card holds the answer... Placing a circle (other shapes could work too) of paper behind the multiple elements would tun them into one focal point. I would also suggest removing one element or adding another to get that "odd" number we talked about and lastly don't be afraid to overlap elements. The viewer doesn't need to see all the edges of each item to be able to know what they are.

    I will also say that just "knowing" your focal point is not as strong as you know it can be is more than half the battle. If you can identify that then you can go down the list of tips and figure out how you can apply one or even a few to the design you are struggling with.

    Thanks for sharing these examples with everyone Linda. :)

  3. You learned the focal point technique so well with your cards! Great job on both!